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We have worked with organisations all over the world with the aim to introduce and enhance innovation in the workplace. As we steadily approach our 30th year in operation, we know the importance of reassessing and reevaluating in order to stay current and relevant.


With that in mind, this year has seen big changes for us across the board, with our website having undergone one of its biggest changes to date.


We have got new tools, new content and a fresh new feel to the site.... and that's just the start.


Have a look around, see what you think and if you have any feedback for us, then do let us know as we are always eager to hear your thoughts on how we can improve ourselves further.




2015 Conference in Harrogate Successes




ideasUK 29th Annual Conference - Harrogate.





This year, we delivered something quite different in that we brought you a much more engaging, highly interactive and hands-on experience over the two days.

This year’s Conference was titled

Journey of an Idea : Concept to Reality

allowing us to take you through the various stages required to transform the concept of an idea in to a real time, winning solution.

ideasUK partnered up with the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (WMAHSN); part of the National Health Service (NHS); who were looking for a winning idea to a real life problem they are facing as an organisation.

ideasUK worked with you to help reach a solution and the winning idea went on on to be announced at the Idea of the Year Awards Ceremony with a plan to be implemented by the WMAHSN after the Conference.

Meanwhile, the Idea of the Year Competition and Accreditation Assessments drew to a close with some remarkable successes - take a look at the photos and results.

Would you like copies of any of the photos taken during the Conference and Awards Ceremony?
Check out our galleries opposite.


News - we are looking forward to an exciting 2016.


Details on the ideasUK Idea of the Year Competition Idea of the Year Winners and Accreditation Awards


  • The 2016 Idea of the Year Competition is now open with revised conditions.

  • The revised Accreditation questions will be available shortly and bookings are now being taken for 2016 Accreditation.

  • Work on further enhancements to our services and this website are "in-hand".

    It will give you the inside scope on other organisations ideas schemes; giving you the chance to find out how their schemes are run and how they make the most of innovation in their business.


    If you would like the chance to showcase or even show-off your organisations ideas scheme in the new year, then please email us your details at info@ideasuk.com.




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