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We have worked with organisations all over the world with the aim to introduce and enhance innovation in the workplace. As we steadily approach our 30th year in operation, we know the importance of reassessing and reevaluating in order to stay current and relevant.


With that in mind, this year has seen big changes for us across the board, with our website having undergone one of its biggest changes to date.


We have got new tools, new content and a fresh new feel to the site.... and that's just the start.


Have a look around, see what you think and if you have any feedback for us, then do let us know as we are always eager to hear your thoughts on how we can improve ourselves further.






How does your suggestion scheme compare to the best of the best?

Achieved Silver or Gold Accreditation and looking to gain Platinum?

Already achieved Platinum and looking to ensure you retain Platinum?

Then the ideasUK Accreditation is a must have for you and your organisation!

The ideasUK Accreditation programme is the way for organisations to give both internal and external prominence to their employee innovation scheme. The Accreditation process subjects your employee innovation programme to an external assessment by ideasUK. An end to end review of the programme is carried out and guidance given on areas of strength and where to focus improvement efforts.


Based on the levels achieved organisations will be awarded a Silver, Gold or Platinum Certification, presented at our annual conference in November.


Previous winners of Platinum Certification will be awarded a supplementary number to signify the 'consecutive' years that they have maintained this level of excellence.


This year the questions have been updated and an employee engagement section added. The new questions are available for you to review on the members section of the website.


Whilst accreditation is carried out in September/October, we are now taking bookings and fixing dates. The form is available to complete on the website and can be accessed by clicking here.


Also available is a scheme 'health-check', an early scheme review prior to full accreditation. This is free to members, although for our friends in the Middle-East there will be a charge for travel and accommodation.





ideasUK 30th International Conference
Hensol Castle , Cardiff, Wales
Wednesday 9th & Thursday 10th November 2016


Hot on the heels of the launch of the ideasUK 'Idea of the Year Competition 2016', I am delighted to announce this year's International Conference dates and venue.


ideasUK consistently pulls together speakers and formats to engage all those attending and continues to evolve over time to reflect workplace trends. Nowadays, with so much electronic communication, this event is an increasingly rare opportunity for face to face interaction, to expand your network and learn from experts in the field. As such, we want to make the most of the 2 days we have, and are looking to provide you with a unique experience.


Click on image to download brochure


Our unique experience starts with this year's amazing venue - Hensol Castle! We are holding both the conference sessions and Idea of the Year Award Ceremony in a 400 year old castle on the edge of Cardiff. The castle has a special place in British History with one of the owners overseeing construction of 'Big Ben' part of the Houses of Parliament!



The moment you have all been waiting for has arrived.....


The 2016 Idea of the Year competition!






For nearly three decades, ideasUK have honoured the best ideas from the public and private sectors, both home and abroad. Over that time, through our Idea of the Year competition, we have shown time after time how innovation in the workplace can bring wide benefits to employees, customers and organisations.


The Idea of the Year competition provides a great opportunity to recognise the employees who submitted those incredible ideas; raise the profile of the scheme to senior management through external recognition and gives international exposure of your success.


For further details of the completion and most importantly - how to enter, are Available Here


The deadline for entries has now passed.


As always the winning entries will be announced at our Awards Dinner during Conference and this year we have booked a venue with a definite 'WOW' factor - further details to follow shortly!


For now if you have any questions, call (+44 7887 640246) or email zena@ideasuk.com.

Plus, if you haven't already registered for our webinar 'Making Ideas Management work for your Organisation' taking place on Monday 14th March, please click HERE to register.


Look forward to receiving those entries.




News - we are looking forward to an exciting 2016.


Details on the ideasUK Idea of the Year Competition Idea of the Year Winners and Accreditation Awards


  • The 2016 Idea of the Year Competition is now open with revised conditions.

  • The revised Accreditation questions will be available shortly and bookings are now being taken for 2016 Accreditation.

  • Work on further enhancements to our services and this website are "in-hand".

    It will give you the inside scope on other organisations ideas schemes; giving you the chance to find out how their schemes are run and how they make the most of innovation in their business.


    If you would like the chance to showcase or even show-off your organisations ideas scheme in the new year, then please email us your details at info@ideasuk.com.




    You can now be a part of the ideasUK community by either subscribing as a member or by signing up for individual services tailored to you.
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