For over 30 years, ideasUK has been at the forefront of employee innovation and engagement. Our sole purpose is to promote innovation by supporting organisations to harness the power of employee ideas for beneficial impact.

Who we are…

We are a not for profit network organisation with a diverse membership, passionate about sharing our knowledge and experience across different industries, sectors and countries.

Whilst we are a UK based organisation we have a number of members based overseas, particularly in the UAE and thrive on the diversity our network brings. We are not focused on blockchain or how augmented reality will shape our lives in the future, although we are all keen to know. What we are passionate about is the voice behind the next big idea and supporting you to truly harness your employee ideas.

What we do…

We work with organisations to help you create, implement and develop innovation programmes.

Whether you are initiating a new process or have an established innovation programme; require a quick fix or ongoing support; are keen to share your experiences and learn from others, we have the practical experience to help you achieve your innovation goals.

How we do it…

Being a member of ideasUK gives you the opportunity to learn from others in a similar position
across our diverse membership, attend network events, webinars and an annual conference.

We can review your innovation programme to identify areas of strength and support you in areas for development.

We can also deliver tailored consultancy and workshops to meet your needs.

Why we do it…

We believe that people make an organisation what it is.

Your employees observe, interact and contribute to make your business flourish every day. Could they be doing more? Do they have an idea to make the organisation even better? Deliver more profits or improve customer engagement? With an effective innovation programme you can create an environment that contributes to:

Delivering sustainable cost
savings for your organisation

Improving business processes

Creating new revenue

Maximising employee

The language we use?

These days we talk about “Workplace Innovation”, however this is a broad term that has evolved over the years and covers trends including:

  • Innovation

  • Ideas

  • Continuous

  • Employee

  • Staff Suggestion

You may see references to these terms throughout this site.

Who have we worked with?

The Legal Bits…

  • ideasUK is the trading name of Ideas Network UK Community Interest Company.
  • Registered in England No 9668757
  • Registered Office: Northgate, 118 North Street, Leeds, LS2 7PN

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