ideasUK works with organisations worldwide to introduce and enhance innovation in the workplace.

About Us
Next Generation Organisations deserve Next Generation guidance. That’s the founding principle of The Future Shapers; a global network of thought leaders, innovation practitioners, business leaders, academics and speakers who have come together with the aim of helping businesses and other organisations to shape and create innovative futures.

Why We Exist
Emerging technologies and innovative new business models are transforming life, business and the global economy at unprecedented speeds. As digital technologies reshape the modern world, businesses established in less fluid times are having to make increasingly complex and critical decisions against the ticking clock of change.

A Boston Consulting Group (BCG) report in 2015 revealed that 79% of respondents saw innovation as a top three priority. The BCG figures reflect an earlier report in 2010 from McKinsey which identified that the majority of executives saw innovation as being critical for their business; with 84% seeing innovation as being important to growth strategy. Interestingly that same survey revealed that just 6% of executives were satisfied with innovation performance. Sadly, it seems that this gulf between perceived need and actuality still remains.

What We Do
Addressing that perception gulf was the prime driver behind building The Future Shapers website. Quite simply, acknowledging that innovation is a game-changer is one thing, knowing how to build a culture which sets innovation at its heart is quite another. So, our community of interest acts as a filter for the huge volume of information surrounding innovation. Looking beyond the alarmist headlines and buzzwords used to describe the innovation world, we offer our followers and members insights, analysis, and tools to help them tackle the ever-evolving innovation challenge.

How We Do It
Working with the leading entrepreneurs, thinkers, practitioners, innovators, and investors we assist our followers and members to make sense of the changing world. Across all facets of innovation, we research, curate and develop thought-leadership for our community of interest.

Go Beyond Idea Management – Build A Culture Of Innovation

Idea Spotlight is a highly scalable and flexible platform that enables internal and external crowdsourcing initiatives for organisations around the world. But why choose Idea Spotlight?

Collaboration space – foster a culture of innovation through easy collaboration

Co-creation Communities – tap into your external communities, including suppliers, vendors and other external stakeholders for ideas and input

Idea Spaces – create private spaces where teams can collect their own ideas separate from your organization-wide space

Gamification – attribute goals and rewards towards participation, making contributions all the more tempting

Integrations – Idea Spotlight integrates with many platforms including Microsoft Office products and more

Making Innovation Happen

The Innovation Academy works with customers experiencing a high level of disruption in their industry, who have struggled to structure or monetise their innovation practices and who want to create a consistent culture of innovation within their organisations. Our approach and methodologies stem from design thinking, but are exclusively focused towards application in corporate environments. This is why we choose to challenge teams to learn by doing and experience key areas of strategic advantage, such as business model transformation and open innovation.

Supported by Google

Some of our programmes are supported by Google and held at The Academy – a Google space in London

Turn more ideas into more improvements more of the time

smartcrowds® is a Cloud-based Innovation Management solution that supports the 360° Innovation and Continuous Improvement Framework, providing a secure space for organisations who wish to engage, innovate & improve.

From engaging with key stakeholders using idea campaigns, challenges and regular or on-demand surveys, to the creation of evidence-based, trackable action plans and management through to successful completion, smartcrowds® helps organisations deliver positive workplace and community outcomes.

smartcrowds® is the only engagement and innovation platform that addresses the full end-to-end challenge of organisational innovation: ensuring not only that engagement is regular and effective and ideas are nurtured and evaluated against priorities, but also that planned products and services are validated with target markets and tracked through to outcomes which are measured for impact, with continuous learning built into the process.


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