For over 30 years, we have worked with organisations worldwide to introduce and support innovation in the workplace

ideasUK 34th International Conference: Wednesday 10th & Thursday 11th November 2021.

Tewkesbury Park Hotel.

For over 30 years ideasUK has brought innovation and idea management specialists together to reinvigorate and share their knowledge, each learning and collaborating across corporate boundaries and cultures to gain new and different insights.

This year, due to the unprecedented circumstances we are all facing, we have taken the difficult decision to cancel our physical conference this year and our 34th International Conference will now take place, hopefully bigger and better than ever on Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th November 2021

We are delighted to say that our 2020 Idea of the Year competition will still be going ahead and we will still be announcing the winners on Thursday 12th November 2020.

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How does your innovation programme compare to the best of the best?

The ideasUK Accreditation is a way for organisations to give both internal and external prominence to their workplace innovation programme.  In essence this is an audit, with questions that have been refined over a number of years and now fully mapped to the Innovation Guideline BS ISO 56002 to provide you with a blue print for your programme and support you to add greater value to your organisation in the future.

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An opportunity to share expertise on topics that really matter to the idea management specialist. For our members we offer a range of face to face network meetings, often hosted by member organisations and interactive webinars.

Our next event will be co-hosted with the Ministry of Defence, with some of our Platinum Accredited Organisations sharing their secrets to success! Details to follow shortly.

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For over 30 years, ideasUK has honoured the best ideas from the public and private sectors, both home and abroad. Over that time,
through our Idea of the Year competition, we have shown time after time how innovation in the workplace can bring wide benefits to
employees, customers and organisations.

The Idea of the Year competition provides a great opportunity to recognise the employees who submitted those incredible ideas; raise
the profile of the programme to senior management through external recognition and gives international exposure of your success.

To learn more about the different categories for submission, read the latest competition blog and ask any questions related to the competition please get in touch.

We understand that whilst highly rewarding, it can be quite daunting to run an ideas programme. So whether bringing innovation
capability into your organisation, revamping an existing programme or just looking for some fresh inspiration, ideasUK is here to support
you achieve your goals.

We have a big range of personalised consultancy offerings, always tailored to your needs, covering everything from ideas to
implementation and getting the support of senior leaders to developing your communication strategy and plan.

All sessions are workshop based, providing some theory but ensuring you and members of your organisation are furthering your skills
and are actively engaged in developing and shaping the future of your programme.

Some examples of sessions are highlighted below and if you are interested in one of these sessions or would like to explore what else
we could offer, please get in touch by emailing:



Getting Started

Audience: Anyone new to ideas management or involved in setting up or re-vamping an ideas programme
within the organisation.

Aim: Participants will go through a step-wise approach to setting up and operating an ideas programme, to
enable them (with ongoing remote support) to successfully launch a programme, avoiding common pitfalls.


  • Sponsorship
  • Understanding the Why?
  • Developing a process map
  • Communications
  • Metrics

Evaluator Training

Audience: Evaluators / Specialists who have an active role in the review and progression of ideas.

Aim: By the end of the session, participants will leave with the knowledge of how to evaluate an idea without personal bias.


  • Benefits of an ideas programme
  • Skills & responsibilities of evaluators
  • Seven steps to effective evaluation
  • Do’s and Don’ts in communicating the outcome
  • Putting the theory into practice

Ideas to implementation – General

Audience: Anyone involved in generating ideas. Can be delivered with existing teams or mixed.

Aim: Participants will learn creative techniques and methods for evaluating their own ideas through a practical workshop where they will develop ideas to solve a ‘real-life’ problem.


  • Creative techniques
  • Methods of evaluation
  • Creating a business care
  • Presenting your idea

Ideas to implementation – Specialist

Audience: Idea Managers and their teams who lead the idea/innovation programme

Aim: By the end of the session, participants will leave knowing how to effectively plan and implement a


  • Benefits of an ideas programme
  • Steps to effectively plan your campaign
  • Identifying and communicating the problem or opportunity
  • Explore methods of idea collection
  • Evaluation and implementation
  • Sustaining change

Effective Communications

Audience: Idea Managers and their teams who lead the idea/innovation programme.

Aim: Participants will either start to create or develop a communication plan for their ideas programme to actively engage their defined target audience.


  • Define your communication strategy
  • Identify your target audience
  • Create an ‘elevator’ pitch
  • Define metrics
  • Develop a communications plan

Engaging others starts with you

Audience: Open to all who need to engage others.

Aim: By the end of the session, participants will have greater understanding of their impact on others, plus identify methods of effective engagement.


  • Personal analysis on being your ‘best self’
  • Identify who to engage with
  • Levels of engagement
  • Methods to engage

Risk Analysis

Audience: Idea Managers and their teams who lead the idea/innovation programme.

Aim: To understand the basic principles of risk analysis and pull together a risk plan for your organisation programme


  • How implementing innovative solutions aligns to change management
  • Identifying and mitigating for three key risk areas
    – Intent
    – People
    – Delivery
  • Tools to create a risk mitigation plan

Future Focus

Audience: Idea Managers and their teams who lead the idea/innovation programme (Max 5 attendees).

Aim: To identify where is your programme now, where do you want it to be and how are you going to get it


  • Create a personal Leadership Map
  • Identify the ‘Golden Future’ for the ideas programme
  • Understand the impact of your ideas programme today
  • Through a facilitated discussion identify how to close the gap

Senior Leaders – Your Support is Key!

Audience: Senior management team within your organisation

Aim: To highlight the importance of Senior Management support to the success of an ideas programme.


  • Why ideas programmes are important to your organisation?
  • Why you should get involved?
  • What is effective sponsorship?
  • Matching words with actions

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