ideasUK 36th International Conference : Wednesday 8th & Thursday 9th November 2023 : Tewkesbury Park Hotel

Whilst the 36th International Conference is still in development, we will be basing the conference sessions around our ethos as an organisation:

To ‘Enlighten’, encouraging you to think beyond boundaries

To ‘Enhance’ your innovation programme, through dedicated conference sessions

To ‘Empower’ through providing support to further develop organisational expertise and drive a culture of innovation

To ‘Engage’ and inspire connection, change and commitment to deliver success

Whilst at this stage we are unable to share further details, the conference brochure for 2022 and Idea of the Year awards video is available for you to view to give you a flavour of things to come.

Getting people together to exchange views has always been a primary aim of ideasUK, so we very much hope you can join us in November.




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