ideasUK Network Webinar

Tuesday 11th April, 9:00am GMT
(12:00 Gulf Standard Time)

Our minds are so occupied with the next thing to do, that we often don’t have time to stop and think.
But what if you could gain extra hours in your day?
Could you use the extra time to be creative?

Anders Timms, Capenhurst Nuclear Services offers you an opportunity to do just that:

Save 20% of the time you spend sending and receiving emails!

What will you do with that extra 20%?
Tune in and make it happen!

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In our fast-paced world, mechanisms and methods that shorten cycle times leading to quicker outcomes can be essential

Our first ideasUK ‘network’ webinar of 2017, heard how three organisations have excelled in delivering innovation at speed

Federal Competitiveness & Statistics Authority
& the Welsh Government

shared their experience on: Wednesday 15th February

International Ideas Week launch – Wales Audit Office Webinar

During May 2015 ideasUK celebrated International Ideas Week™ in style, with a host of special events across the country. The first of these took us to the Wales Audit Office, with a look at engaging staff through ideas schemes, continuous improvement and a chat with the Ministry of Defence.

Staff Ideas Shared Learning Webinar 2015

This free webinar discussed engaging staff through ideas schemes, sharing helpful advice, lessons learnt and approaches
Chapters / Penodau
00:00 Introduction / Cyflwyniadau
04:28 Why is it important to gather ideas from your staff? Pam mae’n bwysig i gasglu syniadau eich staff?
09:53 What methods do you use? Pa ddulliau ydych chi’n defnyddio?
23:00 What benefits do you get? Pa fuddion ydych chi’n cael?
49:53 What advice would you give to anyone thinking about gathering staff ideas? Pa gyngor fyddech chi’n rhoi i rywun sy’n meddwl am gasglu syniadau staff?