Effective online ideation and brainstorming techniques

Join us for this online session where you will learn all the tools and processes to help you generate more ideas more effectively in less time using the online platform Miro.

Online tools for innovation and collaboration

Listen to a review of the latest Apps and tools for remote collaboration for topics including Communication, Project Management, Collaboration, Document Collaboration, Meetings and Webinars and Personal Productivity; all the platforms and tech needed to work, collaborate and learn effortlessly online!

Making Good Stuff Stick

As we take steps to ease lockdown we need to think about which changes we want to keep and ensure that the Good Stuff Sticks!  In this informal chat find out what our panellists did in their organisations to help teams work remotely, stay fully connected and remain engaged; plus hear how they have kept the best things going, and made the positive changes we’ve seen stick.

Meet the Judges!


If you have never entered the Idea of the Year competition before, are wondering how the competition will run in the virtual world or would like top tips on how to submit your entry, then this is the webinar for you. Tune in to hear each of our judges share what they are looking for from your submissions and from our 2019 winner on her experience of the competition.

Connection and Collaboration

Human soft skills might be the most powerful tools we have, to not just move through but be productive in these most overwhelming of times. Listen to our engaging experts explore this topic.

The Future of Strategic Innovation – Q & A

The Future of Strategic Innovation

We are delighted that Dr John W Lewis, an expert in this area, will be sharing his experience and highlighting the importance of strategic issues in building effective organisational innovation.

Waitrose and BT – Answer Your Questions

Waitrose & Partners and the BT Group share how they manage workplace innovation. Both organisations will first describe a little about their innovation programmes and then we open the lines for you to ask any burning questions. Take this opportunity to learn the secrets of success from two Great British institutions!

Innovation and KPIs

When you think about innovation, Key Performance Indicators may not be the first thing that springs to mind. We are often drawn to the creative side of the process, thinking of new and unusual ways to generate ideas. We sometimes stop to think about the ‘why’ and ‘how’ those ideas could be implemented, however,

· How often do we really evaluate our process?
· Assess if we are achieving our goals and
· Demonstrate how important those innovations are to the business?

Listen to our 30-minute discussion around how to use KPIs and the benefits they can bring to your innovation programme.

Ideate better in 2019


Five Ways to Ideate Better in your Business for 2019

Ideation is the 3rd stage of the design thinking process, which involves generating ideas that help you and your organisation think broader when resolving customer problems and seeking new opportunities.

If you’re feeling stuck in old ways or simply looking for ways to improve, this 40-minute session will consider five methods to get you to that light bulb moment faster.  From brain writing techniques to how to avoid idea killers, by the end of the session you will be able to take these tools and apply them to quickly improve your innovation process.