Knowledge Nugget #3: Innovation in Practice

John Lewis Partnership and MTR Elizabeth line both shared short presentations around how they manage innovation, creating engagement and that desire to participate.

Knowledge Nugget #2: Lean Start-Up

I am sure everyone is familiar with the term Lean start-up and appreciate it’s a methodology for shortening development cycles and rapidly discovering whether proposals are viable, but how many of you actually apply some of these concepts to your innovation programmes? This session will help demystify ‘lean’ and encourage you to ‘steal with pride’ some tools and techniques to support your activities.

Knowledge Nugget 2022 #1: Tech Safari

This year we start our programme of events with a ‘Tech Safari’ courtesy of Connor Wakefield, the tech expert from our knowledge nugget partners the Innovation Network. This session will explore ‘Tech tools for 2022’, to ensure whatever the year holds, you will have knowledge of the best tools to support you and your organisation to collaborate and innovate in the virtual or hybrid world we now all inhabit!

2021 Idea of the Year Awards

AuditWales: Can Regulation Support a Self-Improving System & Innovation

Compliance with standards and the regulation, inspection and audit processes that support it are a necessary and common part of all businesses. But do these practices occasionally work against ‘doing things differently’?

Innovating for a Regenerative Future

Wazoku share their expertise to support you to:

1. Create unbounded capacity to innovate by solving more problems, more frequently.

2. Bring risk forward and push cost back by finding better solutions faster

ideasUK – Top Tips for Successfully Running an Innovation Programme

We are delighted to share some top-tips of our fabulous ideasUK members who are responsible for delivering excellent ‘Platinum-rated’ programmes within their organisations. Our panel includes:

•           Jayne Garner: RICOH Ltd

•           Eiman Al Khalaqi: Abu Dhabi Ports

•           Hussain Fardan: Dubai Customs

•           Samuel Macmillan: HSBC

•           Dr Ayesha Habeeb Bilal AlMutawa: Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services

Innovation Network – Problem Solving Sprint

Another opportunity to have a look at the combination of methods brought together to solve a problem in under 60 seconds!

Survive & Thrive: InnovateUK

Hear how organisations in the creative industry adapted and innovated to survive and thrive through COVID.


If Willy Wonka had employed a development chef John would definitely have secured the job! From his classical training worldwide in restaurants, luxury hotels and even cruise liners he’s now turned to innovation and development. John travels the world on his ‘food safaris’ seeking inspiration and exploring new food trends – sometimes in their conception. John heads up a team of development chefs all over Europe, he is well respected for his unstoppable dedication and passion for going that extra mile in the kitchen. Using the latest innovative equipment in his experimental kitchen he develops cooking methods and techniques for both commercial and domestic kitchens from Michelin starred restaurants to global household food brands.