2023 Knowledge Nugget #4: Learning and the Brain – Developing Innovative People, Teams, & Culture

Innovation needs a specific type of mind-set – and for most people it requires us to adopt very different ways of doing things. We become more innovative as individuals, teams and organisations by learning and developing new skills, learning and developing different ways to approach problems, and by gaining confidence in our abilities. 

However, radical changes in our behaviours and skills don’t come easy to us as humans – and for leaders we have the added responsibility of helping other people within our teams learn and develop innovation skills. Understanding how our brains work in terms of learning, will give us a big head start in that development process.

This short session explores how brain science can be used to inform our learning and development strategies in our transition to a work culture that embraces creativity and innovation. In simple terms, we explain the key ways in which the brain responds to different aspects of learning, and what we can do to spark and sustain a growth mind-set when it comes to innovation.

This session is delivered by: Tony Wakefield CEO of Outcome1 Training.

2023 Knowledge Nugget #3: Innovation in Action – Ministry of Defence

The UK Ministry of Defence launched an innovation initiative that seeks to drive an innovative by instinct culture within 10 years.  5 years in, Stuart Laws (Defence Innovation Unit Assistant Head) will talk about their experiences from the point of view of the Head Office based team, tasked with driving and enabling the required changes. 

Stuart will give an overview of the initiative, share some of the challenges and successes, and provide a view of the next steps.  Lt Col Trevor Bowman will then talk about the Defence Battlelab, one of the projects supported by the Defence Innovation Initiative.

2023 Knowledge Nugget #2: TECH SAFARI with AI

Join our annual ‘Tech Safari’ courtesy of Connor Wakefield, the tech expert from our knowledge nugget partners the Innovation Network. This session will explore ‘Tech tools available to use in 2023’ to enable collaboration and innovation in the virtual world. Tune in to gain top tips on the latest platforms, apps and software to support you and your organisation deliver results.

2023 Knowledge Nugget #1: REFLECTION & PURPOSE

With our busy lives, it can feel like we are on a never-ending hamster wheel. However it is so important to take time to reflect, on our day, the past week or even the past year and in tandem to provide the space to plan ahead. Our first knowledge nugget of 2023, will offer you the opportunity to take a moment for you. We would like to invite you to indulge in a little meditation and gentle yoga (from your seat at work) to free your minds and look to the future. We will also invite you to network with other members, share a success from 2022 and your objectives for 2023.

We are delighted to be joined by Phoebe Estcourt, from the Yoga Home who will lead the session, before splitting into groups for networking. To share a little background on Phoebe and the Yoga Home:

‘Since I was in my teens, yoga has always been my go-to to maintain inner wellness and physical strength. My yoga practice has helped me to be centred and cope with my anxiety. The yoga home focuses on stress relief and whilst an in-person class is lovely this isn’t always feasible for a lot of people with busy work schedules. This is why we strive to make the practice of yoga as accessible as possible, through an on-line platform, bringing yoga into your workplace.’

Knowledge Nugget #9: AD Ports Group – Excellence in Innovation!

AD Ports Group kindly agreed to share their innovation journey which started several years ago with the initiation of ‘IBTIKAR’ their In-House Suggestions Scheme Programme. Hear how the team have transformed their programme into the award winning, ideasUK platinum accredited and ISO certified innovation programme it is today, bringing wide-spread benefits throughout the organisation. The session offers top tips to all involved with ideas management and innovation and demonstrates what can be achieved with passion, dedication and a will to succeed.

Knowledge Nugget #8: IP & Patents – protecting your ideas!

We are delighted to kick start our autumn knowledge nugget programme with a talk from Withers & Rogers, who will be sharing their expertise on how to not only protect your ideas but ensure you deliver value through protecting your ideas! Whilst this can be an extremely complicated area, join this session to shine a light on this incredibly important area for all innovation teams. 

Withers & Rogers are one of Europe’s largest dedicated intellectual property law firms, with offices across the UK, Paris and Munich. Established more than 130 years ago, “we remain as passionate as ever about making intellectual property work to our clients’ best advantage”. Today, our clients include many renowned, innovative organisations from across Europe, North America and Asia. 

Knowledge Nugget #7:Innovation Metrics

One of the questions we often get asked is how do you measure innovation? How do you ensure feasibility and measure success? How do you select the right metrics to give you true insight? This session will begin to explore how to evaluate the economics of successful innovation with clear metrics and an assessment of return on investment.

Knowledge Nugget #6: Creativity and the Brain

This short session explores how we can use brain science to inform our leadership choices in order to create a work culture that embraces creativity and innovation. In simple terms, we explain the key ways in which the brain responds to different aspects of the work environment, and what we can do to spark and sustain a creative environment – and to maximise value.

Knowledge Nugget #5: Celebrating Success by Telling Better Stories (Tips for getting your idea noticed)

Join Wazoku and ideasUK to discuss how you can identify innovation success from within your organisation and effectively share these with your company and the wider world to recognise your great achievements. With submissions now open for the annual ideasUK Idea of the Year competition, ideasUK have teamed up with Wazoku to share insights and top tips on how you can celebrate the very best of your innovation success by telling engaging stories. Whether you are sharing your latest implemented idea internally, or pitching your idea as part of an award or competition, our team of innovation consultants, competition judges and marketing experts will share with you:

·       How you can use crowdsourcing to identify innovation successes within your organisation, or ideas which have been implemented outside of your scheme.

·       How to unlock the story within your idea to truly engage your audience.

Knowledge Nugget #4: Empathy: Our Human Super-Power!!

This month we are delighted to bring you two great speakers sharing their research and experiences around the importance of empathy in developing creative learners and leaders both in our workforce of tomorrow and our workplace of today. 

Miranda McKearney OBE is the founder of non-profit EmpathyLab www.empathylab.uk  and previously of The Reading Agency. She has spent 35 years turning kitchen table ideas into nationwide campaigns. EmpathyLab aims to raise an empathy-educated generation, innovating to create practical tools to build young people’s empathy skills, including Empathy Day every June – this year’s theme is Empathy, our human superpower. 

Helen Demetriou, Affiliated Lecturer in Psychology & Education at the University of Cambridge has focussed her career and academic research on the importance of empathy and will share her latest published research, titled ‘Empathy is the mother of invention: emotion and cognition for creativity in the classroom’. 

Both speakers will offer insights into the links between empathy, creativity and innovation, and point to practical workplace tools to build our empathy ‘muscles’ to enhance our creativity and ensure our innovations truly meet the needs of the end-user.