2024 InnoHive #6: De-Risking Innovation through University Partnerships

Sophie O’Callaghan has worked at the interface of universities and businesses for over 10 years and now manages the portfolio of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships at the University of Exeter.

In this session Sophie will explain how you can engage with universities to support your innovation strategies. She will take a look at the myths around working with universities, consider the diverse mechanisms for drawing knowledge and support out of a university and into your organisation, and in doing so help you to develop long-lasting, collaborative relationships with university partners.

2024 InnoHive #5: Workspaces for Innovation

Back by popular demand, Tony Wakefield, CEO, Outcome1 Ltd once again shares his knowledge and expertise and for those of you who have attended his previous sessions, you
will know this is a session not to be missed! Discover how the physical design of your workplace can spark innovation and unleash your team’s creative potential. We’ll delve into the neuroscience of creativity and innovation to better understand how spatial design techniques, lighting, use of open/shared spaces, andbiophilic design can all be used to create an environment that fosters collaboration, boosts energy, and keeps fresh ideas flowing. You will be equipped with actionable strategies to transform your office into an innovation hub.

2024 InnoHive #4 – Challenge Driven Innovation

During this webinar, Bea Schofield, Innovation Lead at Lloyds Banking Group and Advisor on Challenge Driven Innovation will be talking us through how you can best leverage the collective intelligence of people inside and outside your organisation using CDI principles.

This webinar will explore ways you can get the best possible solutions to any given problem by framing Challenges in a way which is Limited in Scope, Actionable, Specific, Supported and Owned. CDI, a method used by public, private and third sector companies alike, results in an 80% success rate and remains one of the premier approaches to crowdsourced innovation.

2024 InnoHive #3 – Innovation for Customer Satisfaction, A Legal Perspective

We are delighted to be joined by Crystal Stewart, who is a family solicitor and founder of Stalwart Solicitors. Her primary focus is to empower clients with legal knowledge to enable them to make informed decisions. She is empathetic to the circumstances of all client cases, adopting a practical approach to problem solving to facilitate the best outcome for clients and their children. She uses technology to provide clients with a personalised and flexible service. Crystal has been qualified for 10 years and is Law Society Family Panel accredited which shows particular expertise in the area of family law. Join us to hear how Crystal has created her business by putting her clients first, incorporating many aspects of innovative practices to truly meet their needs.

2024 InnoHive #2 – Innovation in action with the RAF

Astra exists to develop an innovation mindset that engages and inspires the whole force, at all levels. To unleash the ingenuity of our people to deliver meaningful change across the RAF, including for operational problem sets.
The Astra innovation team supported the development of ideas that were joint winners of the ideasUK 2023 Idea of the Year competition, so join us for what promises to be an interesting and incredibly useful session as they talk about their work and dedication that has enable their innovation programme to thrive.

2024 InnoHive #1 – Tech Safari

We are delighted to welcome back Connor Wakefield, from the Innovation Training Network who will share his tech savvy skills and introduce us to the latest web and app based platforms and tools to support collaboration and ideation. This has become an annual session and is incredibly popular, with a wide appeal to all audiences involved with innovation, change or transformation or anyone who works and connects with others remotely!

2023 Knowledge Nugget #9 AD Ports Group Innovator of the Future Summer Programme

We are delighted to welcome AD Ports Group as hosts of our next knowledge nugget. The innovation programme at AD Ports has been developed over a number of years and is an exemplary programme. AD Ports group are always keen to share their knowledge and that extends to the next generation too. AD Ports Group believes that education is the passport to the future and one of its highlights had been the Innovator of the Future Summer Program.

The program is designed for high school students to give exposure to future work environments. It is a fantastic opportunity for young people to immerse themselves in mind games for speed and concentration, virtual reality, and even physical hands-on training in our world-class Maritime fields. Join us to hear more about the programme and also take the opportunity to ask any burning questions you may have to probe their expertise during the Q&A!

2023 Knowledge Nugget #8 3Ps of business success

As we return from the summer break, we have an exciting new topic for this month’s knowledge nugget. ‘The 3Ps of business success: Purpose, People & Principles’. Our guest speaker for this session is Clyde Langley a business growth specialist who has worked with many companies, from small family-run businesses to multi-million dollar organisations, helping business owners to develop their competencies to deliver even greater success.

2023 Knowledge Nugget #7 : Creating a Market for Mobile Healthcare Applications

Improving health through knowledge delivered to individuals at highest risk of disease.

What do we do when buyers can’t find sellers reliably and sellers can’t find their customers easily? This happens in healthcare all the time. In fact, those most likely to purchase are rarely those most likely to benefit. We propose a platform to reliably identify individuals who will definitively benefit from new services and recommend those services to them. Service providers get access to customers at low acquisition costs, thereby making their services less expensive to the market.

Dr. Karim Keshavjee trained as a family doctor and has been implementing health technologies for over 30 years. He is interested in improving patient care by providing patients with the latest evidence-based care at prices that are affordable for society.

2023 Knowledge Nugget #6 : Secrets to a successful innovation programme – how to scale

Innovation training programmes play a crucial role in equipping individuals with the necessary skills and mindset to drive innovation within their organisations. In this talk, Grant from the Innovation Network will explore the secrets behind successful innovation training programmes and delve into key strategies that can unlock the full potential of innovation within any organisation.