The ideasUK Accreditation is the process that supports you to take stock of your innovation programme. In essence the Accreditation is an audit, with questions that have been refined over a number of years and now fully mapped to the Global Innovation Guideline: BS ISO 56002. The audit enables us to celebrate success with you and identify what is working well, plus through supportive yet robust conversation to identify where to focus your efforts for the future. The output will provide you with a blue print for your programme and support you to add even greater value to your organisation for the future.

The process either takes place within your organisation, where an innovation management specialist will spend a day, asking questions covering the end to end process of innovation management from ideation, marketing and communications through to the process and analytics.  Alternatively, the process can be conducted virtually.  In this instance, as an organisation you provide answers to all 50 questions in advance of the booked session.  One of our specialists would review your submission and organise a 4 hour Zoom call to review areas where more information may be required and the greatest development potential exists.

Areas covered by the review are:

  • Organisational Context
  • Leadership Commitment
  • Planning
  • Support – Resources
  • Support – People
  • Support – Communication & Publicity
  • Operational Process
  • Management Information
  • Performance Reporting
  • Continuous Improvement