Knowledge Nugget #4: Empathy: Our Human Super-Power!!

This month we are delighted to bring you two great speakers sharing their research and experiences around the importance of empathy in developing creative learners and leaders both in our workforce of tomorrow and our workplace of today. 

Miranda McKearney OBE is the founder of non-profit EmpathyLab  and previously of The Reading Agency. She has spent 35 years turning kitchen table ideas into nationwide campaigns. EmpathyLab aims to raise an empathy-educated generation, innovating to create practical tools to build young people’s empathy skills, including Empathy Day every June – this year’s theme is Empathy, our human superpower. 

Helen Demetriou, Affiliated Lecturer in Psychology & Education at the University of Cambridge has focussed her career and academic research on the importance of empathy and will share her latest published research, titled ‘Empathy is the mother of invention: emotion and cognition for creativity in the classroom’. 

Both speakers will offer insights into the links between empathy, creativity and innovation, and point to practical workplace tools to build our empathy ‘muscles’ to enhance our creativity and ensure our innovations truly meet the needs of the end-user.